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After using the unit for 12 months I'm still very happy with the functionality and build quality. - and this is the biggest.

4 head unit in my car.

Try changing the launching exe to be Admin mode, disable full screen optimisation, worked for me.

As a recent 1st time BMW owner, I decided to upgrade my E90 head unit to an android unit. . 1" LCD Android head unit.

more ram and storage is great.

. level 2. Having settled on the Eonon GA9465, I set about searching for the best price.

. It runs on android OS and has bluetooth, Google maps, a touchscreen and access to all apps on android phones.

Location: Lincs, UK.


Eonon would have you believe that you must buy their $30. If the car is plus '01 it even gives you BFD ( Brake force display) Flips the mirrors in and out at ignition off and on, up and down at reverse.

. The issue is hardware and not software.

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The activate code.
4 head unit in my car.

You can't change the area of the locked down launcher to display spotify or any other music playing app because.

It's working great, Loudness setting makes the sound awesome.

level 2. . Default, the speech button changes audio modes (AM, FM, Aux) instead of bringing up Siri/Voice assist.

Great Audio Output. sims 4 female grim reaper mod; virgo characteristics; can you use redbox gift cards for on demand; are jacaranda trees poisonous to cattle; schnucks bakery nutrition information. Jun 7, 2019 · I installed this unit (Eonon GA2178) on my Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2019 on last weekend. Hey all! First post. 4 head unit in my car.

First, I did not and wont install a rear cam but whenever I am in reverse the screen goes black and says no signal.

. 15 reviews for Eonon, 1.

Loving it.

Having settled on the Eonon GA9465, I set about searching for the best price.


If great audio output is all you care about, the Sony XAV-AX500 is the Android Auto head unit for you.

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