For a judge or court to release a decision upon a motion or at the resolution of a trial or appeal.


The Court of Appeals handed down a 4–2 decision in favor of the new law. handed down synonyms, handed down pronunciation, handed down translation, English dictionary definition of handed down.

Synonyms: tralatitious.


sentences. handed-down. On Friday, the Supreme Court handed down a decision upholding the new law.

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. May | 5. handed down.

50 Handed-down adjective synonyms. Fables are handed down from age to age.

) John handed his old shirts down to his younger brother.

“Hear the old soldier, Paul, as the time draws near when he must lay off his armor and hand down his sword to the youthful Timothy.

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Synonyms for 'hand down': teach, train, educate, initiate, coach, lecture, ground, tutor, instruct, induct, brainwash, break in, broaden your mind.

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thesaurus. The Court of Appeals handed down a 4–2 decision in favor of the new law. . related noun hand-me-down. Enter the length or pattern for better results. 29 other terms for has been handed down - words and phrases with similar meaning.

hand something down.

thesaurus. 2.

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having been passed along from generation to generation.


to give something to a person in authority.

hand something down.