Nov 1, 1982 · UFCO’s high-ranking friends in the executive branch of government included Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his brother, CIA Director Allen Dulles (both former partners in Sullivan and Cromwell, UFCO’s legal counsel in Central America), United Nations Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, and Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America.


He was a senior partner in the law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell. Farben.

Sullivan & Cromwell actually did the legal work for these huge Japanese corporations that became household names.

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. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit vacated the mail and wire fraud convictions of two parents who, as part of the “Varsity Blues” scandal, allegedly made payments to university accounts in exchange for employees’ securing admission for their children. Wilkinson.

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. S. Former OSS official (and senior partner of Sullivan and Cromwell) Allen Dulles was president of the Council on Foreign Relations and chief advisor to Thomas Dewey’s 1948 GOP presidential campaign against Harry.

Sullivan & Cromwell has consistently steered the development of many of the world’s corporate titans over the past 130-plus years. .


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Nov 8, 2013 · Sullivan & Cromwell floated bonds for Krupp A.
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Mar 7, 2021 · Although the Berlin office of Sullivan & Cromwell, (whose attorneys were forced to sign their correspondence with “Heil Hitler”) was shut down by 1935, the brothers continued to do business with the Nazi financial and industrial network; such as Allen Dulles joining the board of J.

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engineering firms, $650 million to modernize the country. 45,389 followers. S. In its first years the CIA, like OSS before it, was dominated internally by the aristocratic elements of the New York overworld. It advised the Bank of New York on its US$16. .

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Dulles, Director, Central Intelligence Agency, P. .

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